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One where you provide the Warmth

November 2021,

Like always chill winters, freezing people, with hot tea/coffee cups in their hands and having a warm blanket covered all over them giving them the best long cosy winter day feel. Unfortunately, some people are stripped off of basic winter needs, due to poverty or disability. Here at sukoon, everyone is welcome, to get a safe place. We had a wonderful winter drive, making it one of the most successful ones.

Each volunteer collected 2-3 bags full of woollen clothes, blankets and other basic winter needs, this drive for us was meant to make them happy so we proceeded to provide them with the essentials needed to survive the freezing Delhi winters. The smile on their faces while getting those clothes lives rent-free in everyone's heart. Seeing them playing around, giggling and getting the essentials to make their and their family's winters warm and cosy and making them smile worked as fuel in our passion. Thriving to bring about a change in the lives of the unprivileged are lastly making sure about the little kids' hunger, we decided to keep a food drive to provide them basic ration which not only made the kids happy but also their family member! And how could we not have dancing, singing and photography sessions along with many many games with the kids, which made us all absolutely happy and made this drive the most successful one!!

These children are the heart and soul of sukoon and they are the living proof that we can achieve anything. The smallest action or help can change a lot in one's life, we hope that sukoon always keeps growing and glowing! We are grateful to everyone who comes in to support us in any way possible!


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