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Sukoon (an SP Foundation) is an NGO (started in 2019) which works towards empowering and funding a livelihood for children with special needs and underprivileged children. We provide them with educational assistance after their school hours. The team also guides them on enhancing their interpersonal and creative skills. The children learn simple crafts like making of envelopes, gift bags, candles etc. These products are showcased in the real world through the exhibitions held by the organisation. Additionally, we also focus on enhancing their life by teaching them about daily hygiene to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Changing The World, One Child At A Time

~Shalini kalra

Our Mission

Our Vision

We have always believed that children are the future of this world. Empowering them today means paving the way for a better tomorrow.


Our Mission

With this in mind, we wanted to help youngsters from various underprivileged sections of society get access to the right opportunities. By teaching them an array of skills to open up various avenues of livelihood. And in order to turn our vision into reality we want to partner with like-minded people who share our vision of making this world a happy and safe place for kids.

Help Us Change More Lives

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