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Vande Mataram

Independence Day enlightens us with the true spirit and meaning of freedom. All of the students at Sukoon NGO find pride in their country and respect the nation. It’s a time to reflect on the country’s harmony, peace and brotherhood. This is their home and a place that will forever define them as who they are or will become.

Every year students gather at the NGO wearing the colours of the country’s flag and with flags painted on their cheeks. Sukoon has become a part of their heart and a home where they receive love through education, goodies and kindness. This year the celebrations at the NGO included the distribution of juices, samosas and dance performances.

The special kids enjoy the festivities and like to be a part of the celebration. Even though they cannot hear the music but try to feel the rhythm in their heart. This is the true spirit of patriotism that they depict by showing enthusiasm and by participating in the dances and the games. This sums up a day at SUKOON and shows the pure souls that take pride in the nation.


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